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Who we are

Our main vocation is to identify and promote intelligent, innovative, qualitative products and solutions, from companies like yours, with international ambitions, and which have the capacity to create and develop, but above all to adapt to constraints and differences from one market to another.

More than ten years of professional expertise and experience.

We are the sum of the skills you are looking for.

Share your innovative & Smart knowledge.

Thank you very much for taking the time to get to know us, we are at your entire disposal, especially since we imagine you are also motivated and determined to open up other horizons as we are.

Our Goals

Represent you commercially

Monitor the competition and analyze it continuously

Develop your markets in the chosen areas

Establish yourself as a leader in your field in the new territory.


Mi temps

+ comissions (des comissions se deduisent le fixe paye)


Plein temps

+ comissions



  • We offer you a trilingual commercial representation, without socio-cultural barrier, without psychological brake on the LatAm or Am South and North area
  • On vous offre une representation locale, tres vite rentable, evitant beaucoup de frais, d' obstacles et de difficultes
  • We offer you real growth potential, a unique development lever in these areas that we know.
  • We offer you total flexibility, mobility and availability, and exclusivity in the granted territory.
  • We offer you to clear, identify, prospect, evaluate, market, export, monitor orders and retain customers with a non-competition commitment.

A simple equation

your technologies, innovations, knowledge and unique experiences + our knowledge and experiences of the market multiplied by motivation and objectives, can only give the expected results.